Aventine Group

We specialize in delivering tailored management consulting services to improve your business  with a focus on Organizational Conflict Auditing! Our services are available in Ottawa and Toronto.

Our area of expertise is in organizational conflict management, both interpersonal and within the system.  What is unique about our approach  is that we combine both the human and business aspect in our assessment, making it a true comprehensive view of the organization.

We help businesses unleash their full potential by creating custom made processes to uncover problems, find opportunities and to develop creative solutions to address both.

Moving from a state of potentiality to actuality requires agency, or the ability to act or enact the potential.

Let us help you move your people and your business  from a state of potential to actualizing your greatest authenticity based in achievement, strength, motivation and success.

Let us be your agent in making this happen!

Assessments & Analysis

Aventine is the doctor; your company is the patient. We perform the necessary tests and give the diagnosis.

Conflict Resolution

We apply the principles of mediation and negotiation to resolve any conflicts that exist within your company.


We give you a plan to unleash the potential of your company.  And will work with you to implement it, including the training of your staff.