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Our Principles:

Our motto is to always leave a place better than when we found it.  We see our clients’ successes as ultimately our success. 

When we return to do our standard three month follow-up and the staff tell us how our recommendations and strategies have helped make their work lives better we feel happy to know that we have contributed to their workplace well-being. 

When organizations see an improvement in sick time and a change in their bottom line we feel as if we have been successful in turning things around.

At Aventine we believe in operating our business dealings and operations in an ethical manner.

Some of our key principles are as follows:



Be humble and listen to our client’s needs. We don’t assume we have the answers, we know that the answer already exists we just have to listen to our client and their employees to let the solutions become apparent.



Ensure confidentiality at all times. When working with clients we become privy to personal information. We see this as a trust, and we respect the highest level of confidentiality so that we can maintain that trust. At the same time, we acknowledge that having access to information will allow us to do a better analysis of the issues at hand, so we ensure to maintain client privilege.



Commit to giving the best of ourselves to our client by ensuring the highest standards of quality, customer satisfaction, honesty and open communication.

Our Story & Philosophy

Our story begins where another story ends; that  of Romulus and Remus.  According to Roman mythology Romulus and Remus were  thrown into the Tiber River in a basket as infants.  This was done because the King has enforced a rule of infanticide for male babies,  to protect the babies they were  thrown into the river.  A she-wolf found  them on the bank of the river and she nursed them until they were  discovered by a shepherd who rescued them and raised them as his own.  The boys grew up strong and eventually returned to their homeland where they kill the King and restore order.  That is the story in a nutshell, there is argument about some of the details in various versions  of the story and slight differences, but overall, that is the main story.

remus_coinWhat happens next is the part that is of the most interest to us at Aventine.  Once order is restored, both brothers attempt to rebuild a great city.  Romulus wants to build on Palatine hill and Remus wanted to build on Aventine hill.  A fight ensued (there is much discrepancy in the account as to what happened in this fight) but in the end Romulus kills Remus and establishes Rome on Palatine hill.  For me, as a conflict resolution specialist, this is a perfect example of a mediation gone very wrong; had the two parties been able to negotiate better the result  could have been the first great twin cities of Rome and Remo, but that is not what happened.  So you will ask why I would name my company after the hill that never got to be great, never got to manifest into its full glory.  Well, because for me Aventine represents unfulfilled potential.  Aventine’s potential never gets to actualize.  It still remains in its potential form.   This is my enduring inspiration as an innovator in organizational and conflict management.   How to affect change in a way that will  bring about better outcomes.

Great thinkers throughout history have contemplated potentiality versus actuality.  Aristotle in Metaphysics Z is the first to conceptualize the ideas of the potential of a thing, and the manifestation and actualization of that thing.  Al-Farabi, the famous 9th century philosopher, further built on the concept of potentiality and actuality by saying that potentiality on its own is not enough to actualize, that it needs an agent to activate it.  So, to move from a state of potentiality to actuality requires agency, or the ability to act or enact the potential.

Going from greatest potentiality to actuality requires an agent of change.  Let us, at Aventine Group, be your agent for actualizing your greatest potential in business.  At Aventine, the one thing we strive for is to take your business potential and actualize it and make it a reality.  That is our sole mission.

“Going from greatest potentiality to actuality requires an agent of change. ”

Feryal Khan

Feryal Khan is an organizational conflict and business transformation specialist, with 25 years of professional experience.  With her Organizational Conflict Audit® process, she helps organizations transform, optimize and increase the value of their business.

She is an excellent communicator, strategist, mediator, negotiator, facilitator and executive coach.  She has a natural ability to build consensus positions and to get to the root cause of underlying issues. As a formally trained ethicist she brings this lens to everything she does, which adds quality, integrity and value to the work being performed.   Her work concentrates on conflict and how to transform the conflict into positive outcomes.  This leads to increased productivity, boosts business performance and employee engagement.

She has an undergraduate degree in Human Science specializing in Conflict Studies, a Master’s degree in Public Ethics, her Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, all coupled with business studies.

Her truly unique skill set intersects traditional business studies with organizational behaviour, conflict studies and ethics; allowing for a more comprehensive assessment that is of exceptional quality.

Feryal has consulted, trained and worked in the healthcare industry, government, NGOs and with private sector clients.  She is a storyteller at heart, writes in her spare time and is an avid baker.  Currently resides in Ottawa with her family.


Feryal Khan

My name is Feryal Khan and I am the founder of Aventine Group.  I chose the name Aventine because it represents untapped potential due to a mediation gone wrong.

This is profound for me because as a conflict resolution specialist I see firsthand how good negotiation and mediation can elevate a situation to become better than what it once was.

At Aventine we take a different approach to business transformation, we see it through the lens of conflict: internal, external, with clients, within the system, policy, procedure and more.   We  look for problems that  prevent personal and business optimization. We also look for opportunities to be greater and to create synergistic teams which increase performance.

What we can offer you is this: we will come in with  our unique skill set, we will ask questions in earnest, we will not pretend to have all the answers, we will work with you every step of the way and use all of who we are and all of our resources to help you unleash your full business potential.  That is what I can say with certainty and in full sincerity.

To really find out more about our philosophy and why we chose the name Aventine please go to Our Story.

Feryal Khan, MA, PMP
Founder and CEO, Aventine Group

Our Team

Organizations can face multiple challenges from various directions all causing conflict; some are internal, some are external, some are technology related some are policy related.  At Aventine Group we have chosen our consultants to be a complement to our services.  We are  fortunate to work and consult directly with  the best in their field.   Our team has a varied skill set from an Ethicist to an Organizational Conflict Specialist to a Web Multimedia Designer, Business Analysts, and Project Managers.  We have many different consultants we work with in coming up with recommendations and strategies for our clients.

important things you should know

Reaching your full potential.

The Aventine Group is an innovative management consultancy firm created to help organizations optimize their business by focusing on alleviating conflict to maximize results.  We are seasoned professionals with unique and diverse skills that combine to help organizations reach their full potential.

How can we help you?

We can help you drive growth and innovation because we are creative problem solvers who know how to differentiate your organization through our dynamic approach to business. We help our clients gain competitive advantages in today’s increasingly volatile and aggressive landscape by focusing on their best asset – their human capital.  All of the most innovative companies —  Google, Apple, and Facebook —  started with the genius of human capital.  It is that genius potential that we focus on in our assessments.  How to capitalize on and optimize  that capital, in a mutually beneficial way for employee and employer, is our goal. To help create an environment where the genius of potentiality can germinate; this is our specialization.

Our organizational development services are custom-made to provide collaborative, strengths-based solutions, interventions and plans for your company or non-profit. We help you assess your current reality, identify your objectives, goals and visions, and develop a set of strategies aligned with the growth, success, and outcomes you want to achieve.

What we do:

We specialize in performing an internal Organizational Conflict Audit® which is much like a check-up  for your organization.  This assessment looks at interpersonal conflict as well as conflict that may exist in the process and the system.  With our conflict auditing services we help organizations change corporate culture, maximize employees’ performance capacity, reduce sick days and create employee engagement.

Once this check-up is complete we sit with your executive team and discuss  recommendations and ways forward to address the issues found.  We then help  implement these recommendations.  Ultimately, this process leads to strategic organizational transformation.

What we offer our clients?

Our view of our clients is  as long-term partners.  Your success is our success.  Aventine will work closely with you, allowing for the rapid deployment of business solutions that quickly optimize your environment, enable growth, reduce costs, drive efficiency and minimize risk.

When we work with you, results include:

  1. An Organization that has had the difficult conversation around conflict areas and has dealt with them and found new opportunities and ways forward.
  2. Efficient, collaborative and communicative teams
  3. Increased alignment to the organizations goals and strategies
  4. Strategic thinking and decision making capabilities
  5. Leadership that motivates and creates synergy
  6. Increased conflict management competency
  7. Resolving systemic conflict resulting from poor business alignment, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, individual or departmental collaboration, rapid organizational growth and change, and cultural differences
  8. Support implementation to move towards long-term improvement of bottom-line

Why does this method work?

Traditionally, business transformation and change has focused on tangibles (bottom lines, metrics etc.)  We focus on intangibles because we know that people in conflict perform sub-optimally, as do processes and systems.  Addressing conflict in sincere terms and providing meaningful ways forward will gain the trust, re-inspire and motivate employees to give you their best.  People want to be heard, they want ways to contribute the best of themselves, we help you have those conversations and get the desired results for all parties.  Further, employees are usually the first-line in working with systems that are inefficient and problematic, most times they can give the best assessment of the issue and often have solutions readily available, there just needs to be an opportunity for them to be heard.  Working on the intangibles invariably leads to changes in tangibles.

Why Aventine?

Our name was specifically chosen to represent what  this company  embodies –  an agency for capitalizing on potential that already exists, mitigating the risk of conflict both interpersonal and systemic and becoming the best you can be.  Read more about our story and philosophy.

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