CEO’s Biography

Feryal Khan is an organizational conflict and business transformation specialist, with 25 years of professional experience.  With her Organizational Conflict Audit® process, she helps organizations transform, optimize and increase the value of their business.

She is an excellent communicator, strategist, mediator, negotiator, facilitator and executive coach.  She has a natural ability to build consensus positions and to get to the root cause of underlying issues. As a formally trained ethicist she brings this lens to everything she does, which adds quality, integrity and value to the work being performed.   Her work concentrates on conflict and how to transform the conflict into positive outcomes.  This leads to increased productivity, boosts business performance and employee engagement.

She has an undergraduate degree in Human Science specializing in Conflict Studies, a Master’s degree in Public Ethics, her Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, all coupled with business studies.

Her truly unique skill set intersects traditional business studies with organizational behaviour, conflict studies and ethics; allowing for a more comprehensive assessment that is of exceptional quality.

Feryal has consulted, trained and worked in the healthcare industry, government, NGOs and with private sector clients.  She is a storyteller at heart, writes in her spare time and is an avid baker.  Currently resides in Ottawa with her family.


  • Voici 5 raisons qui expliquent que c’est un bonheur de travailler avec Feryal:
    1. Elle connaît son domaine, elle comprend rapidement les enjeux et elle recommande des options innovatrices - et rafraîchissantes pour le monde gouvernemental - efficaces et pratiques.
    2. Son travail est empreint de générosité et du désir d'un monde meilleur et plus harmonieux et respectueux.
    3. J’aime son approche chaleureuse, honnête et directe ainsi que son tact et sa sensibilité lorsqu'elle aborde des questions complexes et délicates.
    4. Elle crée un climat de confiance, d’écoute et de respect dans ses relations de travail, ce qui crée un environnement de travail productif.
    5. Feryal cuisine les meilleurs gâteaux au monde et possède un rire des plus communicatifs !
    Martine Tanguay, Directrice
    Développement des politiques opérationnelles chez Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada
  • I have had the privileged to have been introduced to Mrs. Feryal Khan in a much needed time in my business and l will be forever grateful for that.  Not only is she passionate and dedicated about what she does, her work ethic is astonishing. Great listener, awesome negotiator and communicator she can foresee and visualize not only a solution but create opportunities that we as business owners don’t always see because of lack of time or buried under our our administrative work.     Feryal is an incredible humble human being, she can easily adapt to any social situation and make everyone feel at ease.  She is an incredible mother of five children that has taken colossal risks and glad she did! Without a doubt I would greatly recommend Feryal to any of my business colleagues.  I always say to my business friends "If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur". Would have saved tons of money if l have been introduced to Feryal earlier!
    Claudette Brown, Account Manager
    Staples Advantage