Aventine Group sees the organization as a system of functioning parts, much like the human body.

diagnosisIf there is a problem in one part of the body it affects the whole system.  As you would not trust your health to just anyone, nor should you trust the health of your business to just anyone.  Aventine offers a comprehensive organizational  check-up that is specifically tailored to your needs.  Once this  check-up is performed, solutions, recommendations and possibly a further process to uncover the deeper issues are discussed.  We have a variety of consultants with varied experience to help you actualize your greatest potential.

Through a collaborative process, we help you capitalize on your strengths, learn from your particular type of conflict and design strategies for optimal performance. Our services include organizational development, team building and facilitation, conflict resolution, training and executive coaching.

We specialize in helping organizations determine what’s “really going on” in their teams and departments, and resolve obstacles to organizational growth, evolution and success. Working collaboratively, we assess the situation and identify positive opportunities for intervention, change and prevention. Based on your goals and objectives, we partner with you to devise and implement an action plan that meets your needs.

We offer three categories of services:

  • Business assessments and analysis: Aventine is the doctor; your company is the patient. We perform the tests and give the diagnosis.
  • Business transformation: We give you a plan to unleash the potential of your company.  And will work with you to implement it, including the training of your staff.
  • Conflict resolution: We apply the principles of mediation and negotiation to resolve any conflicts that exist within your company:  between people, between teams, between your company and other companies.
  1. Strategic Transformation (Business Analysis and Alignment)
  2. Organizational Conflict Audit® Process
  3. Workshops
  4. Mediation, Negotiation, Facilitation
  5. Executive Coaching

It is important to note that all roads lead to Rome so to speak when working in transformation.  Working with individuals builds upon working with systems and strategic imperatives. Everything we do will lead to organizational transformation in one way or another.