Organizational Conflict Audit® (OCA)

Organizational Conflict Audit (OCA)®

Aventine Group has designed an Organizational Conflict Audit® process that checks for conflict in the organization as well as in the workflow process.  This unique combination of interpersonal conflict coupled with systems and workflow conflict allows for thorough analysis and resolution of the problem.   This dual pronged approach allows for full optimization of the system as well as the people within the system.

Our Organizational Conflict Audit® (OCA) is a process that we specifically created to look at areas of conflict in the workplace that contribute to poor or low productivity, increased sick time and negative impact on the bottom line.  The OCA looks at the organizational system holistically, conflict indicators are not isolated, at times the whole system, from the top down, is set up to create conflict.

Aventine Group offers a custom made process to fit your organization’s needs.   We will do an in-depth analysis of both interpersonal and workflow systems; this will allow a proper analysis of the issues at hand and help create a lasting solution.  In the end this process will not only resolve conflict but will empower employees and the management team to be able to spot conflict and have the tools to resolve it.


We provide qualitative interviewing; we interview employees confidentially to assess the organization and team functioning.   Through these  interviews we  gain personal insight into some of the issues that employees may  not feel comfortable sharing openly.  It also allows us to design interventions and processes to help with the particular areas of concern.  This process also provides a current baseline of the organization.  It gives us valuable clues as to where the problems may be hidden (or not hidden) and helps us navigate the process towards positive outcomes.

Organizational assessment

At times we see conflict built into a system, this can happen with poor communication processes and the way in which workflow is arranged and managed.  Our business analysts offer a neutral assessment of the organization.  We look at how objectives are achieved, and if  the processes are optimized.  The added benefit of the Organizational Conflict Audit® is that as we search for conflict we are also finding and defining the business challenges, opportunities, culture and  bringing them into alignment with the strategic vision of the company.   The OCA® is the best way to gain valuable insight into your organization’s health.

Team building

Once conflict has been resolved we can start building on team renewal.  It is here that productivity, quality, innovation, trust and commitment is re-established.  Team building is paramount to establishing group commitment to shared values and creating synergy.  Synergy is best defined as 1+1= 3,  or the sum is greater than its parts.   Synergy is the zenith of team building, where the team is stronger together than apart.   Teams that reach this level bring immense value to the organization by displaying innovation and creativity that propels the business forward.

Workplace Assessments and Group Interventions

Unresolved or poorly resolved problems and conflicts within teams have far-reaching consequences on the well-being of the organization as a whole. Early intervention is critical to successful outcomes and the restoration of a healthy and productive environment.

If you are noticing a decline in productivity in a team or section of your organization; if you are receiving a steady stream of complaints from employees or clients; are experiencing a higher than normal rate of turnover among your staff; chances are the team is suffering from conflict, or other related problems are undermining the team’s spirit.